José Pope

When I tell people that I am a fashion portrait photographer, the majority ask me the infamous question every photographer dreads: " so how did you become a photographer?"

Well as this is the "about" section i thought I should write my response here to refer all inquisitive future friends to:

My passion for photography started the second my parents bought me a roll up film camera to take some holiday snaps as a child. I remember thinking about what would make an interesting photo. Of course as a child this meant many photos of my toy collection and the odd family portrait. 

For most individuals from my era the idea of film soon came to an end and digital became the way forward. I had many a digital camera growing up and this, I believe, is when I lost that sense of creativity every photographer required with film, as the concept of endless storage meant that I could take hundreds of photos and at least one would be acceptable.

I left my secondary school (Highgate School) and wondered off to The University of Nottingham to complete a BSc in Environmental Science. During the second year of my course I chose a module in Biological Photography & Imaging, which taught me how to use a DSLR manually and take basic shots. This immediately re-sparked my love for photography and I proceeded to take the second module in my last year of University. The module focused on Landscape, Macro and Wildlife photography in general. At this point I felt that feeling I hope most people do when they realise that life is back on track and a feeling of endless possibility through a chosen passion.

Once I completed my degree I couldn't think of life without photography and so I applied to take the MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging at Nottingham. One arduous year later I graduated with Merit and decided that wildlife photography wasn't quite for me and that "naturally" fashion was the way to go. With no experience whatsoever in the fashion industry I returned to london, having tediously applied to numerous internships with many competent photographers, but only one really stood out for me and that was my now friend and mentor Leigh Keily who took me under his wing and after just one month of being part of his new studio (LEO Studio), asked me to be his studio manager. 

After 6 months I left the studio to pursue a freelance career and have since worked with various house names such as Zara and GT Magazine, to name a few.

This is where I would usually end the conversation with "and now I'm here!" However if you have managed to read thus far i would really like to thank you for taking an interest in my photography and join me to see where life takes me. 

If you're  interested in working with me or just have a simple query, please don't hesitate to contact me.

All the best,





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